The Open Space is a safe place for the feminine. A haven for beauty, emotional expression,
self-inquiry, and connection. A field to gather in, to be held in the community, a sanctuary
to nourish oneself and those we care about.
A space to be held by Love.

I help women and their families to be
nourished and supported in the community by
creating sacred spaces & events
that celebrates love and family.
~ Cait Love

About Cait & the Open Space

Cait has worn many hats and delved into many interests over the years. From dance & theatre to yoga & Ayurveda, she is gathering all that she has learned and is bringing it into her work with The Feminine.

Currently putting her doula training into action through The Wise Women Way of Birth, she is supporting families in birth & the postpartum time. 

She continues to hold space for exploration within at The Open Space Studio through hosting movement classes & workshops.

The gallery & cafe is a reflection of her reverence to The Feminine as its pieces for purchase range from pottery to perfume, candles to tarot cards – the space is there for gathering and connecting with others.

A place to be slow and enjoy the wonder of being alive and surrounded by humanity.

Come get comfy and surround yourself with beauty at
The Open Space Studio & Gallery.